Short Fiction Various: Past Masters (2019); v1, 27 Nov 2019
#1  Pulpmeister 11-26-2019, 11:51 PM
Trawling in Newspaper archives I gradually accumulate waifs and strays in the form of short stories. Often these are uncollected in book form, or are in collections so obscure that they can't be found. All are in the Life+70 PD.

A few of those waifs and strays appear here, plus an assortment of crime/detective stories from other collections, some of which are on these forums, to make up a volume and give those waifs and strays a home of sorts.

1: The Conscientious Burglar / Grant Allen
2: Mr. Senn's Past / E. Phillips Oppenheim
3: The Prince of Wurttenburg / Stephen Leacock
4: The New Catacomb / Arthur Conan Doyle
5: The Ginger King / A E W Mason
6: The Slane Mystery / Edgar Wallace
7: Cheese / Ethel Lina White
8: The Tragedy of a Third Smoker / C J Cutcliffe Hyne
9: The Azoff Diamonds / Fred M. White
10: Sheer Profit / William Le Queux
11: The Silent Witness / Max Brand
12: The Tea-Leaf / Edgar Jepson and Robert Eustace
13: The Vanishing of Mrs. Fraser / Sir Basil Thomson
14: Locked In / E. Charles Vivian
15: Will You Walk Into My Parlour? / "Sapper" (H C McNeile)
16: Tobias the Terrible / Damon Runyon
17: The Comedy Of The Jewelled Links / Max Pemberton
18: The Great Portrait Mystery / R Austin Freeman
19: The Yellow Dog / J S Fletcher
20: The Empty Match Box / Aidan de Brune

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