New 6.8" GoodEreader/Netronix Device
#51  Question Mark 01-20-2019, 10:47 PM
Looks like there are now other options than Good Ereader if you want to get your hands on this Netronix device.

#52  Lord Byron 01-22-2019, 10:30 PM
Quote king76
Sorry for my bad english
Your english is excellent. So much so, I was convinced I was the one in error.

Quote king76
The store is unusable, Google chrome does not launch....Also, you can not move pages in notes :-(
Yikes! :-( Sad face indeed! No video needed- I think I got the idea..

thanks again for your feedback!

Question Mark: Looks like there are now other options..

Yeah I saw that. They also bumped the digitizer to 4k pressure while the rest of the hardware seems the same. Interesting but it's still a pass for me unless the price falls a lot more.

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