New 6.8" GoodEreader/Netronix Device
#11  Question Mark 04-29-2017, 04:23 PM
Just noticed this on their Kickstarter page:

michael kozlowski Creator 1 day ago

Yes, this includes taxes and duties.

Paul Dénis Mannot 1 day ago

Shipping to Holland is very expensive: CA 94 dollar. Does it include tax or duties?
Interesting. Whenever I have ordered an item from overseas, the shipper has always made very clear in advance that any import taxes and duties are my responsibility.

I wonder if GoodeReader can really pay the taxes and duties in advance when shipping an item from Canada to Holland.

#12  Question Mark 05-08-2017, 12:46 PM
Curiously, the folks at Good-Ereader have added the 6.8" device as a perk on their Indiegogo page.

I'm not really sure why they would want to do that instead of steering people over to their Kickstarter page. Because if they don't achieve full funding for the Kickstarter project, they won't get any of the funds. And after a good initial showing, they have been stuck at about 35% for the last week.

So why would they want to cannibalize potential backers for Kickstarter by offering the device as a perk on Indiegogo? Weird.

#13  Question Mark 05-21-2017, 10:50 PM
Well, after removing the link to their 13.3" campaign on Indiegogo from their website when they started their 6.8" campaign on Kickstarter, the Indiegogo link is back and the Kickstarter link is gone.

They have officially thrown in the towel on their Kickstarter campaign:

Greetings everyone. I would like to thank everyone for their support so far of the Good e-Reader 6.8. This is our first Kickstarter campaign and we noticed that one of the downsides is that we only have an extreamly short duration in which we could raise capital for our e-reader. We have decided that we will add the 6.8 to our Indiegogo page and sell it alongside our 13.3 inch e-reader.

We want to provide our customers with ample time to commit themselves to our e-reader and we have been using the Indiegogo platform for over a year and things are going great.

When our Kickstarter project ends, nobody will be charged and I encourage you to visit our Indiegogo website and back the 6.8 e-Reader.
Interestingly, at the end of one of their most recent YouTube videos, they claim that, "They're shipping right away so place your orders today." Despite the fact that there are backers of the 13.3" device on their Indiegogo page asking for a refund because they have been waiting for months for their device to ship, and despite the fact that, on the very same page, they write that the 6.8" device will not ship until October.

I wonder how long it will be before there is another flurry of deletion of comments on their Indiegogo page...

#14  Question Mark 05-26-2017, 03:02 PM
Gary Oppenhuis 3 days ago

Great to see the 6.8 e-Reader added to this campaign! As the overall combined campaign shows as 327% funded, does this mean that the 6.8 e-Readers are fully funded as well, or are there additional backer submissions needed to produce the 6.8 e-readers?

Peter Carotenuto Campaigner 12 hours ago

To not confuse our customers/backers, we want everything under one roof. This way we can manage our entire customer base on one platform. We are working towards launching the 6.8 sometime this year !
It was a simple question: Is the 6.8" device already fully funded, or, if not, is there a certain number of backers specifically needed before it will get produced and shipped?

Considering they stated that they didn't want to confuse their customers/backers, they could hardly have been less clear... Why bother responding to the question if no answer will be provided?


#15  franzli 05-26-2017, 08:41 PM
Maybe the "this year" part was meant to address the question, but you're right that it's not a very successful answer even if so intended.

#16  Question Mark 05-27-2017, 10:36 PM
Quote franzli
Maybe the "this year" part was meant to address the question, but you're right that it's not a very successful answer even if so intended.
In an evasive way, they essentially confirmed that the 6.8" device is not yet funded.

What they neglected to say was what it would take to get it funded. And that is the crucial point, particularly with a campaign which has already been funded.

Before a campaign has reached its funding goal, a backer can withdraw their support at any time. It is a simple process.

However, once a campaign has been funded, from what I understand, any refunds are at the discretion of the campaigners. They can offer a refund or not as they so please.

Because the 13.3" campaign achieved full funding, I assume that the campaigners would continue to receive all funds pledged. Because they have recently added the 6.8" device as a perk to this campaign, I would assume that they would also receive the funds pledged for it as well.

Had they started a new campaign for the 6.8" device, they would not receive the funds until the end of the campaign. Consequently, there would be ample time for any backers to withdraw their support if they realized that the campaign was not going to reach its goal.

For their Kickstarter campaign, they set a goal of $48000 Canadian. To reach that goal they would need backers for about 180 devices. Last time I checked, they had pledges for about 35 devices.

Do they really need to sell 180 devices to make this ereader a reality? What will happen to the funds pledged if they don't meet that goal? What insurance is there for people who want to back out if they decide that it is taking too long to meet the required goal?

Those are questions which need to be addressed. Particularly since they have opted to add the 6.8" device as a perk to an already funded campaign rather than starting a new campaign for what is a new product.

#17  Question Mark 06-09-2017, 05:44 PM
After a good initial showing, the Kickstarter campaigned failed to reach its funding goal. Although some of those who backed the Kickstarter campaign have now migrated to the Indiegogo campaign, others seem hesitant since wandering over to the Indiedgogo page and reading through the comments.

And backers of the 13.3" campaign seem increasingly desperate to get any kind of response from the Good Ereader campaigners at all. Not a pretty sight. Hope it ends well for all involved...

Jake Berger 19 minutes ago

I tried contacting the Campaigner, Michael through IndieGogo messaging.

No reply.

I sent an email to both Michael & Peter.

It shows the email was OPENED 35 minutes after I sent it.

Crickets. Still no reply.

Even though Michael stated “backer chat is not a place to ask about refunds, as it clutters everything up”, this is a last resort.

9 months past estimated delivery + Non-responsive Communication + adding another device… cringe.

Guys, please search your email for Order 358 & reply

fanzhaoyang 7 hours ago

I’m not kidding.

Scott Lloyd 12 hours ago

Nice try Fanz.

fanzhaoyang 16 hours ago

Peter and others, I’m waiting for my refund money to feed my 7-month-old son. Please.

Gustaf Björklund 2 days ago

Michael and Peter, I backed this project based on your promise to make firmware open source. When will you make the firmware open source to the community of users?

Gabriel Karter 2 days ago

Guys, I’m STILL waiting on a response from a week ago (posted here) about how you’ve ignored my nearly 10 other attempts at reaching you via email and indiegogo messages over the past 2 months. This is beyond ridiculous at this point.

Jannicke Andersen 3 days ago

Hi! My order ID is 445. When can I expect the e-reader?

Scott Lloyd 4 days ago

I came to this campaign from the KS project that did not fund today for the 6.8 version of this e-reader. I got a private message to come here to order it.

Unfortunately, after reading the comments and seeing that this campaign is over eight months late and that some people are having problems communicating with this company I don’t know what to do now. Can I really expect this to ship in October?

Scott Lloyd 4 days ago

After I contribute, will they ignore any of my future communication attempts if needed? Past events being the best predictor of the future, it concerns me.

I love the product concept but have been screwed by other Indie campaigns (can we say Keplero Wallet?) that were/are over two years past due with little communication. Maybe I should wait until Good-E-Reader can ship from existing inventory rather than future production. Can you guys alleviate my concerns before I decide what to do?

fanzhaoyang 4 days ago

Please tell me where my refund money Is , after you keep saying everyone’s order will be shipped next batch.

#18  Question Mark 06-11-2017, 11:32 PM
The campaigners have finally offered a little more clarity on the 6.8" device.

It turns out that they need to get backers for "a few hundred units" before they can place an order with Netronix. They currently have backers for about 46 units.

However, no word on what will happen if someone wants to back out of the campaign. And backers of the 13.3" device are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication which is unlikely to encourage new backers who might be sitting on the fence.

Gabriel Karter 6 hours ago

I’m still waiting for a reply.

I’ve messaged here, through email, and through indiegogo messages all multiple times. I’ll be contacting indiegogo directly to make an official complaint because clearly you both are intentionally ignoring me and many others who unfortunately trusted you guys.

This is unbelievably unprofessional and discourteous. If anyone reading here is considering backing this project I’d strongly recommend you don’t.

Rob Phillips-Legge 13 hours ago

I’ve been waiting so long for this I’m considering writing it off as a bad deal. I’ve just bought one of the 13.3" ones that a Chinese manufacturer is selling on Amazon. Funny that it looks exactly the same as the image here. Got it in 5 working days, whilst I’ve been waiting a year for this.


Michael Kozlowski Campaigner 2 days ago

Hello, thanks for your message. In order to manufacture the 6.8 e-Reader we need to sell a few hundred units and then we place the order with our OEM.

Scott Lloyd 19 hours ago

If you need a few hundred units sold first before production, shouldn't you be selling them through an "all or nothing" crowd funding process rather than an "wait to see if you get to 200 orders someday" process? How could you estimate a shipping schedule of October '17 with no way of knowing if you'll get a couple hundred orders with enough lead time to get this delivered by October? Seems sketchy. I think I'll have to pass and get another e-ink reader that's already on the market.

#19  franzli 06-14-2017, 12:15 PM
Wow, interesting find indeed... Not very trust inducing.

#20  Question Mark 06-23-2017, 09:45 AM
It looks like some fromer backers from the Kickstarter campaign are concerned about the campaigners' waffling on making the firmware opensource as they had initially promised to do.

Pierre Gallaz 1 day ago

I had originally planned on buying a 6.8 device as well, and had actually pledged money on your kickstarter campaign. But the lack of open source firmware, and the lack of android upgrade (not even Amazon Kindle installs on this version of android nowadays!), while both of which were part of your original pitch, made me choose to wait instead. I wish things were moving faster on the software side, and I’m wondering if you really have the control of it. Making the firmware open source is easy!


Gustaf Björklund 16 days ago

Michael and Peter, I backed this project based on your promise to make firmware open source. When will you make the firmware open source to the community of users?

Michael Kozlowski Campaigner 14 days ago

We are in the process of upgrading Android and working out the kinks with our custom UI, once this is done we will be able to post the firmware for anyone to download.

I can no longer find the promise to make the code open source on their Indiegogo page. However, it is still there buried on their blog.

We intend on making the firmware for the 13.3 inch e-reader available to the entire community. This is important because people want creative control in order to make software enhancements or even upgrade to Android M.

Each unit will ship completely unlocked, which means you can install your own apps via ADB and Fastboot. We will also be making the full factory image available, so you can see what we did to make this device work. If you are an Android developer, with extensive experience in OEM software for a commercial product, we would love to hear from you!
Not sure why they can't make the code public while still trying to upgrade the firmware to a newer version of Android. Unless, of course, as the one backer suggested, they don't really have control of the firmware. I'm guessing that they made the open source comment without really consulting properly with the manufacturer/developer.

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