Short Fiction Sabatini, Rafael: Casanova's Alibi EPUB v1 1 jan 2009
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Rafael Sabatini (April 29, 1875 - February 13, 1950) was an Italian/British writer of novels of romance and adventure.

After a brief stint in the business world, Sabatini went to work as a writer. He wrote short stories in the 1890s, and his first novel came out in 1902. In 1905 he married Ruth Goad Dixon, the daughter of a Liverpool merchant. It took Sabatini roughly a quarter of a century of hard work before he attained success with Scaramouche in 1921. This brilliant novel of the French Revolution became an international best-seller. It was followed by the equally successful Captain Blood in 1922. All of his earlier books were rushed into reprints, the most popular of which was The Sea Hawk from 1915. Sabatini was a prolific writer; he produced a new book approximately every year. While he perhaps didn't achieve the mammoth success of Scaramouche and Captain Blood, nonetheless Sabatini still maintained a great deal of popularity with the reading public through the decades that followed. The public knew that in picking up a Sabatini book, they could always count upon a good read, and his following was loyal and extensive.

This compilation of Rafael Sabatini stories about Casanova has been posted to Project Gutenberg Australia.

The stories are:

The Alibi
The Augmentation of Mercury
The Priest of Mars
The Oracle
Under the Leads
The Night of Escape
The Rooks and the Hawk
The Polish Duel
The Alabaster Hand

Have fun!
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