Sabatini, Rafael: Captain Blood: Books One and Two, v.1, 27 Dec 2007
#1  tsgreer 12-27-2007, 12:22 PM
This is a collection of the first two Captain Blood books by Rafael Sabatini.

Book One info:
Published in 1922, The Odyssey of Captain Blood (also sometimes published as Captain Blood) is an adventure novel written by Rafael Sabatini. Taking place in in the 1680's, it concerns the adventures of Irish physician Dr. Peter Blood. Captured and enslaved on an island in the Caribbean, Blood escapes and overcomes his bleak situation by choosing to become a pirate. Hey come on, they have really good hats, so why not?

The background of this novel is based on historical facts. The main events being the Monmouth rebellion in 1685 and the Glorious Revolution in 1688. Blood's pirate adventures closely resemble the adventures that the real Sir Henry Morgan experienced.

Note: I previously posted the Sony Reader .lrf version of this under it's alternate title, Captain Blood. I didn't realize that it had different titles.

Book Two info:
The Chronicles of Captain Blood (also sometimes published as Captain Blood Returns) is not a actually a sequel--it's a collection of short stories about more adventures of our good Captain Blood and it's set entirely within the timeframe of the original novel.

Kudos to mobilread member, Flogiston, for pointing me to this one.
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