Raspberry Pi based ebook reader
#1  johnwhelan 03-09-2021, 07:28 PM
It appears one or two have been built. The Open Book project is floating around in the air.

Does it offer anything?

The downside is Moonreader+ pro probably won't run on it. Calibre will run on a Raspberry Pi and it does have an ereader.


Thanks John

#2  hobnail 03-09-2021, 10:32 PM
Considering how small the Pi Zero is I can see how it's possible. For whatever reason the linux based handheld game players and linux based watches have no appeal to me. But an ebook gizmo could be interesting.

#3  aardbewoner 07-26-2022, 10:38 AM
On the 64Bit PI4 you can install calibre !! works great only problem i had was the reader.

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