Fantasy Swift, Jonathan: Gulliver's Travels. (Illustrated) V1. 24 May 2010
#1  nrapallo 05-25-2010, 01:08 AM
Conversion of Hamlet53's nicely illustrated .epub to .imp formats.

Quote Hamlet53
So it is highly unlikely, but if anyone out there is not already familiar with this book it is Jonathan Swift's great satire of the England and Europe he lived in presented in the form of a four successive voyages to fantastic fantasy countries. It can also be a lot of fun for children as well. Well I recall my eagerness to see the animated film when I was a kid. The movie of course omitted the more prurient aspects in the book and was limited to Gulliver's travel to Lilliput. That makes sense of course, what child does not fantasize about being a giant among little people?

The book also contributed some new words to the English vocabulary. Yahoo that was once a purely pejorative term. Lilliputian of course. I believe also that “Big Endian” and “Little Endian” storage of numbers in computer memory arose out of this book. And less of common use Brobdingnagian for something large.

So I started with the version uploaded here by Jellby, corrected a very small number of errors, did some reformatting to my personal preferences, and in the main added the illustrations. Many of the original illustrations were color plates and these were included in one version here. I found for a reader that only renders in gray-scale that the color images do not look as sharp as if scanned in gray-scale. At least I found that so for my Sony 900. So I have included that version as well.
Please note that the filename ending in '_1200.imp' is for the (color) REB 1200. The other one is for the (grayscale) EBW 1150.

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