As a Man Thinketh & Think and Grow Rich - Practical Summarized Book
#1  kpablank 03-01-2021, 11:39 PM
Hello everyone, around 2015-2016 I was going through hard times and struggling with depression; not to make this story long, I was at the lowest point of my life. During that period, I was looking for a guide or helpful reading to deal with my situation and emotions, I was lucky to come across two wonderful literary gems that changed my life "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill (Both works have public domain editions)... Both books were beautifully written, they are true life changers, I really encourage you to find them and read it, as they are easily available on the internet either in free and paid versions. I am not a financial guru or famous writer or psychologist, just a simple person, who considers himself very happy, full of optimism and goals and was able to overcome and get out of the dark place where he found himself emotionally, mentally and financially. After reading both works, I made for myself a summary and adaptation of each one in a single volume, staying as faithful as possible to the original works, in order to use it as a practical tool for a quick review of the main concepts and teachings of each work. I finally published that work for free in 2017 on Maybe someone might be curious or find this work useful. Sometimes we struggle with frustrations, low self-esteem or we feel lost or without purpose, maybe these books or my summary can help you have another perspective or recalibrate your mind and thoughts to deal with such situations.

My Summary and adaptation is free to download at (Link Below)

If you have the kindness to download it and read it, please feel free to leave a sincere review. Hope you find this work useful and pleasant.

If you have other books or readings related to the topic of personal grow, positive thinking, self-help or similar, don´t hesitate in recommend them and feel free to share. Thank you and Godspeed to all.

Here is my book description at Kobo


James Allen’s “As a Man Thinket” & Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” are probably the most well-known books of the self-help movement. These masterpieces have influenced millions of people around the world for ages, changing lives through the teaching of positive thinking philosophy. The correct applications of its principles would lead you to a happy-healthier life, improving your spiritual, financial, social and mental states. Both Authors have shown us what our minds are capable of accomplishing if we have the courage, patience and persistence to learn, follow and apply its teachings. This book will serve you as a practical guide, as a useful tool in your path to mastery those principles. This summary will:

• Provide you with two of the greatest and most famous works in Positive Thinking Philosophy in the same volume.
• Let you concentrate in the key concepts and principles of each chapter. Both books were summarized and adapted to 30% of its original text length.
• Provide you with a practical, fluid and pleasant reading. This summary selected the main sentences and ideas presented in each book and reproduced them literally, in some cases regrouping them in new paragraphs with some syntax arrangements and highlighting key sentences to ensure you don’t lose the purpose, meaning and essence of the Authors’ original works.
• As an educational tool, it will provide you with a fast and easy access instrument to review and practice the teachings presented in the original books, thereby Saving you time while allowing you to focus on the fundamental concepts laid out by the authors.
• Help you to better understand the application of the principles of the positive thinking philosophy by presenting you its applications in every field, from the inner spiritual-emotional state to the outer financial and economic perspective.

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