Display of spelling errors in the book view
#1  calibre-ak-4711 02-27-2021, 06:02 AM
Hello friends
In the source code view, spelling errors are often very difficult to find. It would also be better to display the errors in the book view, e.B. by subsnimation or similar (parallel or alternative). Does anyone have an idea or is there already a solution ???
MfG Andreas

#2  theducks 02-27-2021, 06:22 AM
Double click the word in the Spell check window.
It JUMPS to the first place used in the code. click it again for the Next.

BTW The Calibre editor works similar

#3  calibre-ak-4711 02-27-2021, 09:38 AM
Thank you - this is not what I was looking for, because I don't see the errors and false errors in the text context in the Spell check window. I would like to see the same error display in the book view as in the source view but without HTML (tags, etc).
MfG Andreas

#4  KevinH 02-27-2021, 10:17 AM
There is no book view in Sigil any more. Are you referring to Preview? Have you tried running the spellcheck dialog tool. It will collect all incorrect words in a list with language info. Double Clicking on one word on the list will bring you to the right location to see the text around it in CodeView.

PageEdit can do simple incorrect spelling word marking in a wysiwyg environment (no html tags) as well within a limited set of binary dictionaries that come installed.

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