NOOK Glowlight - Missing TOC links for very large book
#1  jguneysu 02-25-2021, 06:27 AM
I tried to search for this TOC issue but could not find anything, sorry if someone posted this before..

I have a really large epub containing a collection of books (about 2800 pages). Total chapter count is about 475 However, even though the chapter links all work properly on my Calibre epub reader and on my NOOK for Android on my phone, on the NOOK Glowlight, there are no page numbers listed in the TOC past about the 200th chapter. I checked another really large book and it was the same issue. So, if you are reading one of the chapters past this 200th one, and then select the TOC, it always takes you to the very end of the TOC. When the TOC is 39 pages long, it takes a long time to scroll back up to the chapter you want to see.. Then, when you click on any previous chapter (even 201 to the end), it actually takes you to the correct chapter.

So, there seems to be an issue with returning to the TOC from anywhere within chapters 201 to the end. Missing page numbers for these chapters may just be a symptom, but, getting thrown to the last page of the TOC every time is very annoying.

Any ideas? I'm using Calibre.

#2  Sirtel 02-25-2021, 06:38 AM
Bookmark the TOC page you're most likely to return to in the next few days.

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