Unfinished Time - SciFi Series - Book #1
#1  Jay Sandover 02-15-2021, 12:36 PM
Unfinished Time: Book 1: A Reckoning of Days

Yoshi has a big time travel problem. His problem: the multiverse is a complicated mess. This breakout novel presents the history and lore of Yoshi's home, the strange planet Triste. Growing up powerless in a poor tent community on the capital city's enormous beach, he lives a hard but simple life. This changes when Yoshi and his friends stumble into the legend of the disappearance of the planet's first explorer. That disappearance is just the first of the mysteries driving this sweeping and heartbreaking tale of adventure, longing, and struggle for power.

#2  Jay Sandover 02-27-2021, 11:09 AM
This is a literary science fiction adventure. Inspired by Ballard and Robert Louis Stevenson. I'd be honored if you read it.

#3  Jay Sandover 04-09-2021, 05:42 PM
Still waiting for you to discover it.

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