I made a comic/manga ePub generator
#1  kaworu1986 01-22-2021, 06:57 AM
As a long time lurker, I am pleased to finally have something to contribute back to the community: I made a C# library to programmatically generate ePub files, as well as a cross platform, command line tool to generate ePub format ebooks from collections of images.

You can find both on GitHub here (library published on NuGet too).

I always found ePub to have many advantages over CBR/CBZ - compatibility and standard metadata support for one, potential to properly handle spreads (especially needed when reading on small screens/in portrait, where you really want to have them split in two pages) for another - but authoring has been more difficult than just zipping a folder, renaming and calling it a day.

Until now. With some light scripting (sample script in the repo is what I currently use - including calling an web indexer's API to avoid manually entering metadata because data entry bores me to tears) I can now batch convert a bunch of series, adding metadata so that they show up nicely, in a few minutes (of my actual time, once the process is set up I can leave the PC to do its thing for hours if needed).

Even better, the eBook authoring functionality itself is all in the library: using it to make other tools/apps should be straightforward (I actually made the library before the tool, and use it in two other projects already).

Hopefully this will be useful to someone else here

#2  rantanplan 01-22-2021, 07:21 AM
Thank you, kind stranger!

#3  radius 01-28-2021, 12:24 PM
Very cool.

Do you have a short list of things your code does that KCC doesn't handle?

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