Ended Sony DPT-S1 for sale
#1  rem736 01-07-2021, 07:45 PM

anyone interested in buying a Sony DPT-S1 that is practically in prime condition? and there are two styli plus three packs of nibs + a 2 GB sd card.

the back and front bezel are covered with a transparent skin. there are areas of the back where it looks a mess because a skins are really difficult to apply perfectly to a large area. if you don't like the look, you can remove the skin and it will look practically brand new.

the only other thing is that the stylus holder can no longer be attached to the reader itself. the clip on the stylus holder broke off and can no longer be attached to the reader.

i'm thinking of letting it go for about $475, including shipping to anywhere in the U.S.


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