Help with using Tolino Shine 3 in UK?
#1  jnicola 12-20-2020, 01:39 PM
I'm in the UK. I recently bought a Tolino Shine 3 to give to my mother - I wanted to buy her a Tolino as I understood that I could upload epubs into the Tolino Cloud for her from my computer and they would automatically sync down to the Tolino for her. (This is ridiculously difficult to achieve with any Kobo that isn't the Forma, which is bigger than she wants, and I tried her with an Onyx Boox, but the interface is way too complicated for her liking.)

Anyway, it arrived, and I started setting it up. During the setup process, it successfully connects to my Wi-Fi connection, but when I go to the next page of the setup process I get a "Connection Error" error message. I have tried connecting it to a different Wi Fi connection and I still get the same problem.

It's able to access the internet using the web browser, and I have been able to load books onto it using Calibre over a USB connection. But I can't get it fully set up, and as the cloud sync capacity was the point of buying it this is really annoying!

I was able to update the firmware to the latest version but that did not help.
It does not seem to be linked to a bookseller. There is no icon showing on the home screen or on the "Accounts" page. I cannot link it to a bookseller during the setup process (as the manual instructs) because the error message pops up before that stage of the process.

Is there anybody out there who has any idea whether/how I can fix this (preferably before Christmas!) please?!

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