Upcoming Windows installer changes
#1  DiapDealer 05-05-2020, 04:41 PM
The next version of Sigil (likely v1.3.0) will see some changes made to the installer for Windows. This is primarily to accommodate the ability to choose to install Sigil with no admin privileges ("Only for Me"). The default is still to install for "Anyone on this Computer."

More to come RE the C/C++ runtime installation. But suffice it to say there will be options. Including not to check for, or install the runtime at all).

To those who compile Sigil for Windows themselves, please note that these changes require Inno Setup 6 or higher to build the installer. Version 5 of Inno Setup will no longer suffice. As of May 5 2020, "nmake makeinstaller" using the latest master github branch of Sigil will fail if you still have Inno Setup 5.

Because of these (and a few other) changes it will be highly recommended that you uninstall your existing Sigil before installing the new one. Please note that it is always safe to uninstall/re-install Sigil. Doing so will never cause you to lose any of your preferences/settings/plugins.

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