Yoga Book C930 Laptop
#1  DaleDe 01-09-2020, 01:17 PM
I found this Yoga Book C930 Laptop@Wiki » from Lenovo is a Laptop and an E Ink eBook Reader. I added it to our wiki. It uses a 64bit Windows 10 OS.


#2  christianbk 01-15-2020, 04:55 PM
I have one of these coming on Friday.

The retail price for it - $999 USD - is a little much in my eyes. I was able to get a like new one for half of that.

This is compelling because of a new update Lenovo pushed. The e-ink screen can now "mirror" what the other screen has.

That is, it can mirror Windows 10. Including apps like your Kindle or Nook apps. Browser. Etc.

#3  james_ 11-26-2020, 06:45 PM
Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I'd love to know if anyone has one of these devices and what they think of it? We're now pretty much into the second hand market as these are no longer made.

However, Lenovo look like they have been busy with updates. See the eInk software update below, it looks like an awful lot has been added since release, all the way up to November 2020... you can now read ePubs for example and mirror the Windows 10 screen onto eInk (maybe?).. Any feedback from anyone out there who has one would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!


The following versions have been released to date.

Version Build ID Rev. Issue Date
----------- -------- ---- ---------- W05ES21W 01 2020/11/10 W05ES18W 01 2020/1/16 W05ES16W 01 2019/12/17 W05ES15W 01 2019/11/05 W05ES12W 01 2019/07/15 W05ES10W 01 2019/02/13 W05ES09W 01 2018/12/30

Note: Revision number (Rev.) is for administrative purpose of this README
document and is not related to software version. There is no need to
upgrade this software when the revision number changes.

To check the version of software, refer to the Determining which version is
installed section.

Summary of Changes

Where: < > Version number
[Important] Important update
(New) New function or enhancement
(Fix) Correction to existing function

< > (W05ES21W)
[Important updates]
- (New) Add Reader open Office file function.
- (New) Add Reader zoom to fit screen function.
- (New) Add Notes manage notebook, export notebook/pages to desktop.
- (New) Add Drawing board finger touch switch.
[Problem fixes]
- Fix some UE bugs
[ Dependence ]
- Need update Tcon ITE FW to to suport new functions.

< > (W05ES18W)
[Important updates]
- (New) Add PDF highlight / underline / strikethrough /copy txt function
- (New) Add showing user's outlook calendar , weather and date information when system shutdown or sleep. (user should choose showing this in setting)
- (New) Add showing history notes or create new notes as user flip left or right by finger in notes function.
- (New) Add Reader OOBE for user first use.
[Problem fixes]
- Fix some UE bugs
[ Dependence ]
- Need update Tcon ITE FW to to suport new functions.

< > (W05ES16W)

-(New) Add reader annotation .

- (Fix) Fix some UE bugs
- (Dependence) Need update Tcon ITE FW to to suport new functions.

< > (W05ES15W)

-(New) Optimize Notes function.
-(New) Optimize the Home bar
-(New) Add Clone function
- (New) Sync the handwriting raw data to one notes
- (Fix) Fix some UE bugs
- (Dependence) Need update Tcon ITE FW to to suport new functions.

< > (W05ES12W)
[New functions or enhancements]
-(New) You could use drawing board function to scratch or control on windows application.
-(New) Optimize the speed of function switch.
-(New) Optimize the Pen setting function.
- (Fix) Fix some bug of Notes and Reader.

< > (W05ES10W)

-(New) You could customize your personal E-ink display power off picture.
-(New) Reader will Support more eBook format (Txt,ePub,Mobi).
-(New) Support sync to OneNote
-(New) Support book mark(only one book)
- (Fix) Fix some bug of Notes and Reader.
< > (W05ES09W)
-(Fix) Compatible with windows 10 RS5


At Draw board function, hand touch the keyboard button, may cause active the close button of B cover application, which the app is full screen and the close button is in top right of screen.

#4  james_ 12-05-2020, 07:39 AM
I got interested in this device and then my enthusiasm was rapidly destroyed when I learned that the eInk portion of the screen is not backlit. That means that you're really stuck with using the device as a windows tablet in a dark location and not a laptop.

The other problem is the lack of integration between the eInk and Windows laptop part, you can't use the eInk sketchpad to control say Autocad... like a Wacom device.

Still, Lenovo are to be commended for the idea.. maybe next time we'll see a better implementation!

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