New Policy on Translations Included with Sigil Releases
#1  KevinH 03-08-2019, 10:37 AM
New Policy on Translations included with Sigil Releases

Due to the large number of dead or inactive translations of Sigil on Transifex, our policy for including a language precompiled into our Release installers is the following:

1. Translations must pass the 75% complete mark

2. The translation team must be semi-active i.e. filling in new translation strings as they are generated by changes in Sigil

3. Must not be duplicates of an already existing language
(For example: az and az_AZ are exact duplicates and therefore only az will be included)

Any new or existing translations that meet these criteria will be included into a release unless download size becomes a concern. At that point we will look into separate language packs if needed.



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