Recommendations for Your Favorite Book Genre
#1  dreams 05-31-2011, 12:01 AM
Work in progress post

MobileRead has many knowledgeable members and what better way to find out something new to read than to check out what our members are suggesting in a specific genre?

Don't know what to read or listen to next? Check out what our members are reading / listening to for some ideas.:
Hey!! Let's get some action going! What are we reading?
What are we listening to? (audiobooks)

Did you know MR has a library? Check out our free books in the Patricia Clark Memorial Library.

Funniest Thing You've Read

What is your favorite book available in the MobileRead library?
Favorite book series ???
I need a new author
The "Great Authors That Not Too Many People Know About" Thread

Audiobook Recommendations
Alternatives to Audible?

Action/Adventure series
Action/Adventure series recommendations
action and diving or underwater themed books

Alternate History
Recommend any alternate history that's not Harry Turtledove?

Favorite Classic Book?

The Harvard Classics
The Harvard Classics

Comic Books (also see Graphic Novels)
Comic Book Recommendations?

Crime Fiction | Mystery (also see Mystery)
Ghostly Detectives ?
Recommendations for good mysteries (preferably police/crime mystery)
European medieval crimes and mysteries
British Mystery Recommendations
Cozy Mystery Corner
Crime Fiction Recommendations
The best crime/mystery novel of the Twentieth Century
What to read after Sherlock Holmes?
Sherlock Holmes by other authors?
Contemporary kid's mysteries
looking for mysteries, old and new
Mysteries set in foreign lands

Espionage authors you (and I) should read
Early 20th Century Spy Fiction

See post # 2 for list

Graphic Novels (also see Comic Books)
eGraphic Novels

Historical Fiction / Nonfiction
Historical Fiction about Greek/Roman philosophers?
Historical Fiction Suggestions
Viking Historical Fiction Recommendations
Historical Fiction Recommendations
Nonfiction/fiction recs about WW1 & WW2

Historic battle fiction?

Christmas books?
Halloween's Chill-Thrill Horrorfest Recommendation List!
Scariest Books Ever Written
Christmas books?
Supernatural Horror Recommendations
Saint Patricks Day Recommendations
Ghostly Detectives ?
Suggestions for feel-good Christmas stories?

Horror Recommendations
Supernatural Horror Recommendations
Scariest Books Ever Written

Books that make you laugh -- recommendations
I'm looking for a good comedy...
The Funniest Fiction Novel

Mystery (also see Crime Fiction | Mystery)
British Mystery Recs needed
Non-Murder Mysteries
MR crime/mysteries recommendations sought
Cozy Mystery Corner
Mysteries set in foreign lands.
* Also see Crime Fiction or Espionage

Entertaining non-fiction books to learn something from
Entertaining nonfiction books that I might learn something from
Interesting and Knowledgable Non Fiction Books
The Nonfiction Recommendations and Resources Thread
Science ebook recommendations
Travel Writers

Romance ebooks for a guy?

Science ebook recommendations

Science Fiction
See post # 2 for list

Short Stories
My Favorite/Recommended Short Stories - Please tell me yours!
Are you a Short Story Reader? What's your favorite story?

See post # 2

Survival / castaway
Looking for novel about survival, castaway...

What's Your Favorite Legal Thriller?
Thriller writers

Time Travel
Time Travel
Time Travel &/or History Books


Books for Teen Boys who like Spy / Secret Agents & gadgets
free/cheap ebooks for 12 year old boy?

Any good Zombie books out there?

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Fantasy and Science Fiction Recommendation Threads.

Work in progress post Thank you to A4- for the recent list of additions.

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Featuring Angels?
Dragon books need suggestions

Looking for steampunk recommendations

Fantasy Novels in non-medevial settings?
Best stand-alone Fantasy novel?
Fantasy with MacGyver like protagonist
Recommend a new fantasy series for my Sony 505
Fantasy-sorcery recommendations
A Fantasy Novel YOU would recommend
Need a fantasy book recommendations
Fantasy Novel Recommendations
dark/urban fantasy recommendations please
Good light-hearted fantasy book or series
Finding new Fantasy (+ categorizing & many site links)

Non-heroic fantasy?

Non-monomyth fantasy?

trying scifi/fantasy..

Science Fiction

Discovering advanced ancient civilizations, scifi/fantasy

books with living/sentient/AI ships

Beginner's Sci Fi recommendations please.

Best All-Time Sci-fi Novel?

Female SF authors
Recommended women sf writers
Science fiction that would appeal to women

First Contact
First Contact Books
Looking for "First Contact" books, not necessarily scifi


More Recent Science Fiction Authors

The "International" SF Recommendations List
Books for lovers of Firefly, the TV and comic series
scifi - clean, classic, 50's 60's type suggestions
What "new" SCI-FI would you recommend?
Recommend me a Sci-Fi Novel
A Science Fiction Novel YOU would recommend
Sci-fi authors you (and I) should NEVER read
Favorite Sci-fi Universe
Sci-fi authors you (and I) should read
Looking for recommendations: fantasy or scifi that's not too dreary
Science Fiction + ______ Recommendations
Recommendations for Character-driven SF/F Novels?

Soft Science Fiction

Hard SF
Hard Science Fiction Recommendations
Hard Science Fiction suggestions

Looking for some NON-military sci-fi

military sci fi suggestions

Wanted - Earth Based Sci Fi or Post Apocalyptic

Space fighter combat
Recommend me books with space fighter combat

Space Opera
Need space opera recommendations

Short Stories
SF short stories - recommendations

Star Trek
Star Trek reading - Yes I'm a nerd...I get it.
a reading order list

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