Sony nx70v
#1  rdj 11-08-2002, 06:21 PM
Although iSilo does not (as documented on yet support this recently released Palm, I purchased a license in anticipation of using it on my NX70V. So far, all indications are that iSilo is the best of the document viewers that I have tried, including Mobipocket, TomeRaider, PalmReader, CSpotRun, and the (admittedly specialized) WordSmith and WordToGo. I eagerly but patiently anticipate the promised update so that I can read the text that it attempts to display!

By the way, I really like the iSilo website. Its clean, no-nonsense design is easy to navigate and information-rich. I would like to think that it and this forum are indicative of the care which the iSolo developer brings to the software.

Once iSolo is updated for the NX70V, I would be happy to offer some feedback here about its operation on this device but wanted to offer some words of encouragement -- and professional admiration -- for the developer.

#2  Alexander Turcic 11-08-2002, 07:15 PM
rdj, I am glad you like iSilo as much as I do, even if it is not yet officially supported for the ARM-generation. I'd be more than happy to hear about your first experiences with iSilo and the NX70.


#3  rdj 11-09-2002, 10:51 AM
Running the latest release of iSilo 3.2 on the NX70V, all of the functions appear to work. The sole problem seems to involve font metrics used to display the text of a document. Lines of text are typeset properly horizontally, but vertically, each line is rendered over the lower half of the preceding line. (The list of documents and all dialogs and pop-up menus render fine, however - only document text is unreadable, and no preference settings seem to correct this.)

I believe that this problem is due to an incompatibility that was introduced, possibly due to hi-res support in Palm OS5, in Sony's Hi Res Library. They seem to address this issue in their Clie handheld/FAQ on " A compatibility layer will be provided to allow most High-Resolution applications to run on high-density CLIə handhelds. Unfortunately, this compatibility layer cannot reproduce the old High-Resolution behavior of the Font Manager's metrics functions (FntCharHeight, FntCharWidth, etc.). High-resolution applications that use these functions will need to be modified slightly to use new metrics functions (HRFntCharHeight, HRFntCharWidth)."

I have observed this difficulty with many other Palm apps for which a workaround usually, but not always,  makes the text readable: setting "low resolution display" where that preference is available.  What happens is that the app then uses the standard fonts which are rendered correctly. In most apps,, the graffiti area can be still hidden and the entire display area utilized despite the so-called "low" resolution setting.

Unfortunately, when I set Options / Display / Mode in iSilo to Normal (160x160), iSilo accepts the selection but seems to revert to Hi-res (320x320) upon dismissing the Display Options dialog.

I would be curious to learn whether the text would become readable if iSilo could be tricked into using the normal setting despite the presence of a high-res display.

#4  rdj 11-09-2002, 11:13 AM
The new beta, 3.25 beta1 for PalmOS, which I did not see until after writing the previous reply, fixes the problem! How wonderful! It's beautiful! I can read!   That was a rapid response from the developer...

By the way, somehow I thought that you, Alexander, and the developer are the same person. If that is not the case, you nevertheless seem to be a good team.

#5  Alexander Turcic 11-09-2002, 12:18 PM
Heh sorry for the confusion. I am merely an enduser and a great fan of iSilo.

Links for the new betas:

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