TinyStock's PDF2Doc conversion tool
#1  Colin Dunstan 06-29-2005, 06:06 PM
Cold sweat when I need to convert Adobe PDF into another e-book format. I've tried many solutions, none of which worked too well, especially with formatted PDF content. I might as well try TinyStocks's PDF2Doc, an Adobe Acrobat plugin which allows to extract text from a page or several pages and to convert it to the Palm doc format.

You need the full Adobe Acrobat suite though in order to use this tool!

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#2  BasilC 07-03-2005, 07:05 PM
Adobe Acrobat costs serious money and I have no use for it anyway. I use either Repligo or a free program, PDA Converter, which works pretty much perfectly when the pdf document is just text. Convert the resulting html files to Plucker or iSilo.

The big problem is DRM-protected Adobe ebooks. If they're just text, then Adobe Reader for Palm works (but is still poor), but if the book has tables or diagrams it really mangles them.

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