Amazon shutting down CC's Cloud Connection
#11  dmcritchie 08-02-2019, 08:15 PM
>Did you try regranting permissions after you received the error?

I had done that for the Nook, but no joy. I just did it now on the S7 and found that its CC folder was in internal memory. But I reselected it anyway, and still wasn't able to save a book.

BTW, when I do this on either device, I am never asked to allow a permission. CC does tell me that my library will be moved though, so I believe I am following your instructions correctly. And the "move" is instantaneous, so CC appears to see that the old and new folders are the same and skips the copy.

>You can't use the workaround, using gmail authentication?

Yes, I suppose I could do that, but I don't like the idea of granting Dropbox any access to my Google account. It may be benign, but I don't trust any of the big boys to do the right thing w/r/t my privacy anymore.

I'm syncing to OneDrive as I write and will see if it works any better for me. If no joy, I'll have to send you a debug log, I'm afraid.

More when I know more...

Thanks, @chaley!

#12  dmcritchie 08-02-2019, 09:12 PM
@chaley: OK, I switched to OneDrive and I can now save books in the CC folder on both my Nook and my S7 once again. So it does not appear to have been a permission problem.

Perhaps Amazon is deprecating new connections but allowing previously established 3rd-party connections to continue to work, which might explain why you can still save books from Amazon drive...

Anyway, as you say, not worth a lot of effort since they're going to cut CC off soon, but thought you might like to know in case other problem reports come in. I hope MS doesn't follow Dropbox and Amazon in making life difficult for CC and its users.

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