Is there a way to copy one app's library so another app can access it?
#1  MarjaE 01-06-2021, 09:20 PM
The OneBookShelf app can download purchased pdfs to its own library, at [internal disk]/Documents/DriveThruRPG.

Their recommended reader (Xodo) strobes on my device (Likebook Mars).

One of my preferred readers (the Boyue OS reader, since it works well with the mid-sized e-ink screen, and most apps don't) can only read from libraries in [internal disk]/Books or/books or [sd card]/Books or /books.

So it'd be handy to be able to copy selected files from locations under [internal disk]/Documents to a matching location in [sd card]/Books.

Any idea if any Android apps can do this?

#2  MarjaE 01-09-2021, 01:45 AM
Workaround on Likebook: Go to file manager, navigate to the file which won't open with the Boyue reader, open it with the Boyue reader, now it can open it.

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