Moon reader migrate to new device and read books stats
#1  nindotza 01-01-2021, 09:22 AM
I want to migrate my books to a new phone. I manage books in calibre and no problem to move books and import. What I am after are the things not stored in calibre that relate to my reading the books on my phone, specifically what is set for a title for READ FILTER and favorites.

I am able to use the Moon reader backup function. The resulting file I then uncompress and can peruse the underlying files. I then open the largest file to reveal the SQL lite database. I see in that the tables and columns for filename, author, category, description , and even favorites. So then I can restore that favorite setting for a particular title using the restore function.

However, what I can NOT find is where Moon Reader stores whether a book was read or not. There is a statistics table and a column "readWords" but where and how does Moon store this information?

NOTE that when I restored I did see the reading statistics but the read filter shows read books as unread

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