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C J Cutcliffe Hyne (1866-1944) is principally remembered today for his creation Captain Kettle, that "truculent little ruffian" sea captain and his colourful adventures on the high seas in assorted rustbucket steam boats. Running guns to Cuba during the Spanish-American War, poaching pearlshell in Japanese-claimed waters, and being pursued by a love-crazed Chilean millionairess, are all part of the warp and woof of his precarious existence. His adventures are spead over several collections of short stories and episodic novels, and often involve the equally truculent steam engineer McTodd.

1: The Guns for Cuba
2: Crown and Garotte
3: The War Steamer of Donna Clotilde
4: The Pilgrim Ship
5: Fortunes Adrift
6: The Escape
7: The Pearl Poachers
8: The Liner and the Iceberg
9: The Raiding of Donna Clotilde
10: Mr. Gedge's Catspaw
11: The Salving of the Duncansby Head
12:The Wreck of the Cattle-Boat
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