eReader that exports annotated pdf snippets
#1  cbook7 06-14-2019, 06:09 AM
Hi guys. I'm struggling to find what I need. Hoping someone can point me in the direction.

I currently use this app chain for reading and taking notes.
Calibre --> [Android] CC --> Moon+ Pro --> Evernote

So between devices I can:
Happy with this. It'd be nice to have the option to choose what data goes in what fields (e.g. use the 'note' as the title of the exported bookmark and have the book name in the body), but it works.

Moon+ Pro also lets me...
Problem: I want to be able to export this. i.e. I'd like draw a selection box on a page (or have and automatic bounding box that fits all chosen annotation elements) and export this as a pdf snippet, containing the the underlying pdf content (within the selected area) and the overlaid annotation. So upon export they are independent, self-contained notes.

Can't do this with Moon+. From a user perspective the pdf annotations only exists as an overlay within the book, i.e. they don't even appear in the bookmarks list.

So anyone know any android ereader/pdf app that will allow self-contained, annotated pdf snippets to be exported to other apps?

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