convert epub to pdf.
#1  alan_haddok 06-09-2019, 09:29 PM
i have this folder directory which supposed to be an epub file . Well this works correctly in kitaboo ebook reader. but I want to get this to work in apple iBooks or adobe digital editions.

I tried making it an epub but it can't be opened in iBooks or adobe digital editions . But works fine in kitaboo reader.

When it is converted to epub and opened in iBooks or adobe digital edition , only the cover page is displayed. non of the other pages are displayed. they appear blank. a small blue '?' appear in middle of the page. I could see all the words and they are faded and impossible to read.

This is an bpp acca ebook.

Guys please help me to get this working.

#2  ps67 06-10-2019, 10:38 AM
May be a DRM issue? The book has DRM?

But when You ask help it is difficult for other person help You without all relevant informations:

I did not know what was kitaboo, I was curious and I googled around (another ereader device? no it is a app) but most person will simply ignore that post.

I found the app for Android, but do You use an Apple device instead?

What kind of files there was in the directory folder? (directory and folder are not the same thing?)

You converted in epub: by which program? calibre? some other program? And did You obtain some messages in the program You used when converting?

Did You buy the book within the app (in that case may really be a DRM issue and We can't help You) or elsewhere?

Finally: the title of thread is: "convert epub to pdf." But You don't say anything in the post about pdf, did You try to convert Your file also in pdf?

#3  Notjohn 06-13-2019, 02:03 PM
(I've never heard of Kitaboo, either!)

>I want to get this to work in apple iBooks or adobe digital editions.

But if that's the case, why do you want to turn it into a PDF?

I don't understand how a folder or directory can be an "epub file." If it is an epub file, or files, surely it would open in ADE?

Perhaps you should first open that epub file or files in Sigil, and see if it really is an epub.

#4  DNSB 06-13-2019, 07:59 PM
I went looking for information about the original post. Going that the OP said the book is a "bpp acca ebook", I did a quick Google search and then looked on the About BPP eBooks and wandered in the FAQs section. According to them, the only download for offline reading is using the Android or iOS apps. On Windows/Mac/whatever else, the only access is online.

To quote a couple of lines from the FAQs:

Can I print my eBook?
No, there is no printing capability available for our eBooks.


Can I download the eBook as a PDF or use it outside of the app?
No, the content is protected and will remain within the app.

Which makes it appear that the OP has copied the folder the ebook was downloaded into on his phone/tablet to his computer and now wants to make an illegal copy that will violate the 18 months access to the ebook from time of reception of the confirmation email.

Give the ACCA courses are for accountants, I'd have to ask myself if I really want an accountant who is willing to publicly ask for help on pirating an ebook to be doing any work for me.

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