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Mother and son writing team "E and H Heron" produced this dozen ghost and horror stories in the 1890s, all published in Pearson's Magazine. Pearson's presented them as though true stories, to the authors' annoyance.

In 1899 the whole set of 12 stories was collected into a special issue of Pearsons, May 1899, with the heading "Real Ghost Stories". The magazine contained a couple of poems mainly as fillers for empty spaces, which have been omitted. There were a great many half-tone illustrations, which didn't survive the Google scanning process well, and have also been omitted.

The first story has been reprinted often, because it is one of the few to have a rational, ie non-occult, solution.

1: The Story of the Spaniards, Hammersmith
2: The Story Of Medhans Lea
3: The Story Of The Moor Road
4: The Story of Baelbrow
5: The Story of the Grey House
6: The Story of Yand Manor House

Second Series
1:The Story of Sevens Hall
2: The Story of Saddler's Croft
3: The Story of No. 1, Karma Crescent
4: The Story of Konnor Old House
5: The Story of Crowsedge
6: The Story of Mr. Flaxman Low.

The cover scan was poor, but rather than create an original cover, I have used it in a reduced size.

The authors names are:
Kate Pritchard 1851-1935
Hesketh Pritchard 1876-1922
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