Fantasy Dyalhis, Nictzin: The Weird Tales of Nictzin Dyalhis (2019), v1
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LITTLE IS known of Nictzin Dyalhis other than his name, Nictzin Wilstone Dyalhis, and his dates: 1873-1942. His surname is thought to be of Welsh origin, and his first name resulted from his father's fascination for all things Aztec. He was a chemist by profession.

Over a period of fifteen years he published just 8 stories in Weird Tales magazine, and his small output, odd name, and pursuit of privacy made him a man of mystery. This collection contains those eight Weird Tales. The collection was compiled in January 2019 from the texts of individual stories prepared by Matthias Kaether and Roy Glashan for Roy Glashan's Library, a publisher of free ebooks in the Australian Public Domain.

He also wrote one ghost story, three adventure stories, and two gangster stories for other pulps of the era.

1: When The Green Star Waned
2: The Eternal Conflict
3: The Dark Lore
4: The Oath Of Hul Jok
5: The Red Witch
6: The Sapphire Goddess
7: The Sea-Witch
8: Heart Of Atlantan
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