Action Chapman, Allen: The Radio Boys Trailing a Voice. v1. 16 Sep 2014
#1  crutledge 09-16-2014, 02:26 PM
Chapman, Allen: pseudonym of the Stratemeyer Syndicate the producer of a number of mystery series for children, including Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, the various Tom Swift series, the Bobbsey Twins, the Rover Boys, and others.

Since this book was written there has been produced in this country the most powerful vacuum tube in the world. In size it is small, but in output it is capable of producing 100 kilowatts of electrical power. Three such tubes will cast the human voice across the Atlantic Ocean under any conditions, and transmit across the same vast space the worldÂ’s grandest music. Ten of these tubes joined in parallel at any of the giant transmitting wireless telegraph stations would send telegraph code messages practically around the world.

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