How does new member post moderation work?
#1  Argon 01-29-2020, 12:48 PM
Apologies if this is covered somewhere else, I couldn't find anything in the Guidelines or FAQ.

When I recently replied to a thread, I got a message that my post is awaiting moderation. Is that moderation by a real live admin, or is that an automatic filter? I would hate for the work I spent in formatting it to go to waste. Is there a way to be notified when a post I make is approved?


#2  theducks 01-29-2020, 07:59 PM
Us humans look at them and approve those that look good (meet forum guidelines).
This gan be done at the Forum level: Names at the bottom of the Topics main page.
By a 'Greenie' (Board level mod)

#3  DiapDealer 01-30-2020, 06:32 AM
Unfortunately, there is no mechanism in place to notify you when a moderated post you've made gets approved. But we monitor the moderation queue pretty closely to make sure posts don't languish there too long.

Placing a new member's post in moderation is typically done by an automated algorithm (though posts will also occasionally be manually moderated while discussion takes place among editors/moderators).

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