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Bowen’s writings present recurring themes of darkness, the supernatural, and the gothic in combination with the historical. Her “Shearing” novels, while based on true crime, still retain sinister gothic undertones.

Based on the the brutal 1847 murder of the Duchesse de Praslin, Fanny Sébastiani. The author says: “This novel is based on a fact — that of a crime so incredible that it caused amazement equal to the horror it inspired; the public sentiment aroused by this atrocity went far to provoke the sudden French Revolution of 1848.” [and the subsequent abolition of monarchy in France.]

— — — —
“… a poor but intelligent and educated young woman attempting to better herself in France in the 1840’s, and thereby becoming entangled with a member of the French aristocracy. The tale was based on a true story, whose incidents contributed to the fall of Louis-Philippe in the revolution of 1848.”

“…part romance, part suspense, part historical fiction, and part crime.”

“… a fascinating read, with an interesting historical background, and characters not easy to understand or love …”

(—Goodreads reviews)

Margaret Gabrielle Vere Long (née Campbell; 1 November 1885 – 23 December 1952) was a British author who wrote historical romances, supernatural horror stories, popular history and biography. Her total output numbers over 150 volumes, with the bulk of her work under the pseudonym “Marjorie Bowen”, the name she is mostly known by. She also wrote under the names Joseph Shearing, George R. Preedy, John Winch, Robert Paye and Margaret Campbell.

Bowen’s books are much sought after by aficionados of gothic horror, and received praise from many critics. Several of her novels were adapted for film.

Forget-Me-Not was first published in the UK in 1932, and in the USA titled Lucile Clery, Woman of Intrigue.
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