Dropbox and Max Lumi
#1  IluvToRead 10-12-2020, 07:38 AM
Hi Everyone, I just upgraded from the m92 to the Max Lumi, and it is a very big change for me.

What I need help with is file syncronization with Dropbox.

I have 12gb of pdfs and epubs. so I need something which will give me more than the standard Google docs.

Basically, I could choose the "Work Offline" and then all the documents would come through.

What worked:
getting all the files over. I was able to make a shortcut and have my documents directory in the root directory of the storage.
New files I added over Dropbox came through.
File name changes that I added were made
What didn't work for me was:
If I changed filenames the new filename would be there, as well as the filename with the old name.
I know what deleted files hang around in Dropbox. Even if I would go into Dropbox online, and definitively delete the file, that file was still hanging around on the Max Lumi.

I tried to go into the Dropbox app and associate the computer with my account from there, but I couldn't do that as there is no camera in the Lumi to take a photo of the bar code that appears on the screen.

I tried choosing the option for "Send email link" and it didn't work. Even if I installed the outlook app with my password and login. That didn't help with sending an email link.

Maybe you guys would have some ideas?

Would love to hear them.


#2  IluvToRead 10-12-2020, 08:06 AM
I think I may have solved it.
I went into Dropbox settings, and chose "Empty the Cache".
I just did a test of this with a small directory, and it seems to have worked.
So I will try again with the large directory. Will keep everyone posted.

#3  IluvToRead 10-13-2020, 05:01 AM
Umm, it isn't really working.
In the test that I did, I got a single directory which has 153 files and is 29 meg in size. I was able to change filenames, and these changes were synchronised over onto the Max Lumi. Coming to the directory where I have my eBooks. There are 8000 files, and the directory size is approx 12gig. The problem is still happening there.
Yes, I have deleted the cache, and that doesn't help.
I'm still chasing this up with Dropbox.
See what happens.

#4  winstonma 10-14-2020, 09:26 PM
Have you tried Dropsync?

I use this app to sync the books (a specific folder in dropbox) across all my phone, my tablet and my boox.

#5  IluvToRead 10-18-2020, 08:08 PM
Hi, thanks for the tip. I now use Dropsync without problems.

Its pretty obvious that the Dropbox Android client does not work correctly.

Dropsync is pretty sophisticated I find, you can put in all sorts of file type exclusions. Very detailed and works well.

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