Boox Phone Reader?
#41  Question Mark 10-01-2020, 07:09 PM
Quote norweger
Why, oh why couldn't CECT shop have some sort of return policy, so I wouldn't have to enter the Aliexpress quagmire. Foot deep already. Hope I won't sink.
Sorry to hear about your delay.

As for CECT shop, they do have a refund policy. If a product arrives damaged, defective or not as advertised, you can return it for replacement or refund.

However, they don't accept refunds if it's simply a case of you being unsatisfied with the device if it is in proper working order.

While a vendor on Aliexpress might claim to have a Satisfaction Guaranteed policy, I would be very skeptical about it, especially if it is not advertised on the product page. I would hold onto that email if I were you.

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