Calibre Server and local Calibre parallel?
#1  DerDominik 07-28-2019, 08:11 AM
HI there,

since some days I'm using Calibre more and more, which is working pretty well. I can organize all my eBooks, which are stored on my NAS (also the Calibre-database) and I can access it from my Desktop-PC and from my Laptop.
So far, so good

Now I bought an Android Tablet, which is using Moon+ for reading on it, also it has the possibility to connect to a calibre-server.

So is the following possible?
I'm using calibre on my PC's like before for adding, organizing, and so on. And parallel a calibre server is running on my debian-based (OpenMediaVault) NAS (maybe in a docker ) which can be used for a gateway to my Android Tablet.
Or could failure happen, if both calibre's access the db?

Thanks for your help

#2  stumped 07-28-2019, 08:49 AM

what I and most people do is turn on the calibre server within the calibre install. So there is only one instance of calibre, which has a library and which also has an active server component.

AFAIK someone can be using the content server and you can be altering the database at the same time, but get a 2nd opinion on that if its a requirement.

if you need to turn OFF calibre , yet want an always-on server, the usual workaround is that you copy and sync the library to a cloud provider of your choice, and let the tablet access it there with suitable apps. There are a few issues and caveats with cloud provider access which you can read all about in the calibre companion sub folder
apps to look at calibre companion, calibre box. Moon can directly browse your dropbox from its files menu, if you give permission and accept the security risks [ you have to grand full control of your dropbox to moon reader so anyone with access to your tablet can see, edit, delete stuff in your dropbox.]

I have not seen an option in moon to configure access to a calibre content server. that's not to say it can't be done , just that I have never tried to do it . I use the calibre companion for that. if ithe option exists in Moon, its likely to be only a basic file explorer type browse, not a smart interface to filter e.g. by tags, authors, dates,,,, select and download like the others I mentioned.

some folks copy their whole library to an SD card and slot that into the tablet.

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