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#1 07-22-2019, 06:10 PM
I have calibre's keyboard shortcuts set up so that E starts the Editor, F starts Foliate, V starts the 'old' ebook viewer. Is there a way to set up a method to start Firefox and the content server on a local network with a single similar one-letter keypress? I am using frequent back-and-forth from Editor to various readers to see if code works on readers differently. Best Regards, Pop

#2  BetterRed 07-22-2019, 07:26 PM
The JobSpy plugin has a tool to run arbitrary programs, not sure if they can be assigned a keyboard shortcut - if not maybe that feature could be added.

Otherwise use the OS or 3rd party tools.

If Windows then:

If you put Firefox as the first to ninth item in taskbar, then WinKey+n key will jump into Firefox (start/restore/bring to top). For me Firefox is Winkey +1, calibre is Winkey+4 etc, viz:

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If for some peculiar reason I didn't like that, I would write an AutoHotKey (AHK) script.

Added - or if Firefox is already running use Alt+Tab

I imagine MacOS would have something similar as MS's WinKey+? for its Dock or whatever it's called this week, or you could do it with Automator.

For Linux: IIRC bash scripts can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut, or there's an AHK clone called Autokey, I've only ever glanced at it, its scripts use Python.


#3  kovidgoyal 07-23-2019, 03:40 AM
Just leave the server running, assuming you are running it from within the calibre GUI it should see updated books automatically (you will need to use the Reload book control in the server viewer if the book has already been opened).

#4 07-24-2019, 08:37 AM
Thank you for that. I did not think to use the "reload book" option. It is very quick.

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