Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Nine (v1), 11 Sep 2020
#1  Pulpmeister 09-10-2020, 11:35 PM
The ninth in a series of anthologies of short stories for which there is no convenient digital home. Some exist in printed collections not digitised, but many were never collected and published in book form. Alll are in the Life+70 Public Domain.

There is a cumulative index of all 9 volumes at the back of this book for those hunting an author or title.

1: The Slump In Silver / M. Mcdonnell Bodkin
2: Under His Own Hand / M. Mcdonnell Bodkin
3: Rats in the Belfry / David Wright O'Brien
4: The Lady of the Morass / E. Phillips Oppenheim
5: A Drop of Blood / M. Mcdonnel Bodkin
6: Diamond Cut Diamond / M. Mcdonnell Bodkin
7: Safe Bind, Safe Find / M. Mcdonnell Bodkin
8: Hide And Seek / M. Mcdonnell Bodkin
9: In the Fog / Richard Harding Davis
10: The Sapient Monkey / Headon Hill
11: Cheating the Gallows / Israel Zangwill
12: The Evicting of Grainger / Harold Bindloss
13: The Broken Sword / Francis Henry Atkins
14: Loser Wins All / Richard Connell
15: Man of a Few Words / Richard Connell
16: The Solid Gold Article / Richard Connell
17: The Perfect Murder / James Hilton
Cumulative Index Vols 1-9

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