Help with Master Flee Versions
#1  AlexBell 02-21-2019, 10:04 PM
E.T.A. Hoffmann's last book, so far as I can tell, was Master Flea. The first version was written in 1820, and contained satirical criticisms (based on a character named Karrpanti) on the German authorities for their actions after the Napoleonic wars. In order to avoid threats of imprisonment he withdrew this material from the published version of Master Flea.. This edited version is available in Project Gutenberg and the MobileRead library.

I would very much like to produce the full original version of Master Flea for the MR library, but the only version I have been able to find is the free Google version, and even then I haven't been able to find the translator's name.

Can anyone point me to the full original version in the Public Domain? If not, would it be acceptable for me to extract Hoffmann's text from the Google version and use the original text - not the HTML markup - to produce my own version of the original edition starring Karrpanti? If it is acceptable can anyone point me to the translator's name?

A modern translation is contained in The Oxford World's Classics edition of The Golden Pot and Other Tales by Ritchie Robinson, but I obviously can't use that.

Grannygrump has just let me know:

Meister Floh: Ein Mährchen in sieben Abentheuern zweier Freunde (Frankfurt, now Germany: Wilmans, 1822) [long tale: binding unknown/]
◦Meister Floh: Ein Märchen in sieben Abentheuern zweier Freunde. Zum ersten Male vollständig herausgegeben von Hans von Müller (Berlin: Julius Gard, 1908) [exp of the above: long tale: first unexpurgated edition: hb/]
◾"Master Flea: A Fairy Tale in Seven Adventures of Two Friends" in Three Marchen (Columbia, South Carolina: University of South Carolina Press, 1971) [trans by Charles E Passage of the above: first trans of unexpurgated text: hb/nonpictorial]

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