Touch HD 3: BT remote
#1  rs11 10-19-2019, 09:52 AM

I've got the HD3 specifically for the bluetooth feature, making the assumption that, since it's Android-based, it would accept BT devices as inputs.

I've managed to pair my remote (Logitech R500), unfortunately I can't turn pages using the built-in keypresses (page down/up and arrow left/right), nor when remapping directly to letters to use as input in e.g. the browser.

in /system/config/global.cfg there is mention of gkey, pkey and tkey keybindings, but I can't seem to relate these to any (android or java-based) keyboard codes. This still does not resolve aforementioned issue about lack of input outside the reader.

I've done a lot of (soul)searching about this issue, but all relevant topics are outdated as far as I can find. I've also sent a support request to PocketBook itself, so should that end up providing an answer, I will post it here.

Any hints?

#2  rkomar 10-19-2019, 11:44 AM
None of the PocketBook E-Ink devices are android. They all have a custom linux system.

That said, I vaguely remember that bluetooth keyboards would only work for certain actions in old firmware versions. You used to be able to build applications for testing on Windows with the old SDKs (possibly still true with new SDKs). Since there were no hardware buttons to test with, there were substitute key strokes for them. I think people testing bluetooth keyboards on ereaders in the past found that they could only use them for those same button presses (i.e. they wouldn't work as a normal keyboard for typing text). I don't remember what the actual keys were for the actions, but if you look at the source code for some old example programs, you might be able to find that out. Then you can test to see if the same key strokes still work on your device.

If I can remember where to look for the key strokes, I'll post that information here.

#3  rs11 10-20-2019, 07:09 AM
Thanks for the info. I've got one old SDK VirtualBox running, I'll check if I can find some of those keypresses. Although they'd be compiled for the emulator itself, so it's possible there is key substitution specifically for the emu, recompiled for hardware buttons once going for the final build.

Since I've got 100 days to return the device, if nothing works out I'll probably transfer to something by Onyx, since they've even got a dedicated remote for this purpose.

#4  rs11 10-21-2019, 02:53 PM
Well, today I got the official response from Pocketbook. The only supported use for the bluetooth is listening to audio and there is no way to provide input to the device (hence the play/pause/volume buttons on my headset and speaker don't change the volume or pause on the e-reader).

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