Touch HD3: series management and auhor names
#1  a_librarian 10-16-2019, 08:57 AM
After trying different devices I'm currently reading on a Touch HD3, as it seams to have the least issues . Just some annoying things I would like to resolve:

- I use Calibre to organize my library and format author names by last name first (e.g. "Austen, Jane"). One the device in the library app only the last name appears. This seems to have to do with the comma between last name and fist name, since books by "Jane Austen" appear under the full name.
Is there an option somewhere to make PB show the full "last name, fist name"?

- Series information is not supported for epub3, which I found out thanks to this thread ( Is there any news concerning this problem or is there a workaround?

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