Mystery and Crime Oppenheim, E Phillips: The Channay Syndicate (1927), v1
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This is a variation on the "Monte Cristo" theme, a man unjustly jailed by the machinations of others, who returns from jail to seek personal justice. It is told in 10 chapters, an introductory, followed by a chapter each for the syndicate members, and a wrap-up. Could be read as a novel, or as a short story collection, a technique much used by Oppenheim, and by Edgar Wallace too.

1: Gilbert Channay Takes The Air
2: Mark Levy Pays
3: Lord Isham's Gamble
4: Martin Fogg Persists
5: The Inquisitive Shareholder
6: The Drama of the Marshes
7: The Amazing Banquet
8: The Great Abduction
9: Channay The Deliverer
10: Eric Rodes Has His Chance
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