Calibre library working on new Samsung tablet
#1  MJLee 07-05-2019, 10:31 AM
So, my Samsung tablet died a fast but presumably painless death - the pain was passed on to me as I had to buy a new one. However, I had my entire calibre companion library, assembled over several years on my sd card luckily enough. The question now is, can I install calibre companion and Moon Reader+ on the new tablet and use the existing library on the sd card or do I need to recreate the entire library from my computer - the thought of which makes me want to end my existence (we are talking a lot of books here).

Anyone know?

#2  theducks 07-05-2019, 10:42 AM
Not an answer to your Q, but:
Did you have a backup of your CC settings in a safe place?
That may help with the SD card thing.
(FWIW I drop tested my old TAB 2: it failed:Screen cracked. Then I forgot to remove the SD card before splitting the case to see if I could replace the glass. SNAP or I would be asking the same Q as you)

#3  stumped 07-26-2019, 04:47 PM
It should be as simple as telling each app where to look. Cc has an option to look for a library on an SD cards and moon reader will look where you tell it to , for books folders, and works with both internal storage and Sd card
Having said that. I am having a nightmare day setting up my own new device. I did get moon working though. I anticipated not being able to use Dropbox so I had backed up moon to google drive from the old tablet, moon has its own backup and restore options in the app. But I overlooked that I like to have bookerly and Cecelia font options and my fonts were saved in Dropbox, where I could not get at them!

Moon is a pain to set up from scratch as it has so many preferences
BIt you can separately backup the app preferences to a cloud, and sync last page read in each book to a different cloud. I can still do that latter sync into Dropbox.
It labels the app backups with what device they came from, and a date, which is helpful
I bought an SD card for new tablet but have not installed it yet. But moon is working ok with cc and local content server. Its only cloud connections in cc that are ruining my day

Ps the above assumes you had the sd card configured as removable storage. If it was set up as adopted storage then it will be unreadable in a new device. You would have to format it and start over.

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