Branko Collin visits the iRex Technologies Offices
#1  Bob Russell 04-10-2006, 09:17 AM
What better place to learn more about the iRex Iliad e-book reader than the corporate offices? Branko Collin reports on his trip in a set of articles. His latest installment includes the following tidbits:

* The iRex PR representative emphasized to him that "Irex Technologies is actively listening to what everybody has to say about what the Iliad should be like; your e-mails, the press, visitors, people receiving sample devices, test subjects, they all seem to play a role in the shaping of the Iliad."

* "When the roll-out for trials and the webshop will materialize this April, no DRM-ed books will likely be available for it. However, the Iliad will contain viewers for amongst others TXT, PDF and HTML, so the eager early-adopters will have something to play with."

* What usage are they targeting? "The device is supposed to supplant paper, not PDAs or tablet PCs... For the Iliad to compete with regular paper though, it will have to offer something different. Irex considers those advantages to lie in the areas of distribution (a company can distribute its internal documents electronically rather than on paper), and of on-time delivery."

* Very interestingly, especially considering our discussions about various e-ink devices all helping to move the market forward for e-book readers, is how iRex views Sony's entry into the market... "'our greatest colleague/ambassador is the Sony Reader'. Irex consider[s] the market to be big enough for all parties, and together these parties can work on awareness for E Ink devices, and on standards, and on the e-paper paradigm. Irex know the folks at Sony — when the Japanese giant was working on its Librié, Irex founder Jan van de Kamer was their liaison at Philips — but haven’t contacted them yet about cooperation in these areas, although they eventually would like to."

This is the sort of perspective that would tend to indicate forward thinking and a confidence and desire to meet customer needs with good products, and is a refreshing attitude.

* And from Mobipocket forums, “Does Mobipocket plan to develop reader software for the upcoming iRex Iliad eInk reader?” To which Mobipocket Support Team Member “mobi_erick” replied: “Perhaps. It is still in discussion.”

There is much more in this great article at TeleRead.

You can find Branko's articles about his visit here:
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Note: There seem to be some site problems at at the moment, but keep trying. I'm sure that the issues will resolved in no time.

#2  davidrothman 04-10-2006, 11:34 AM
Thanks for the links, Bob. Yep, Branko did a helluva job. The hosting service won't give me an ETA, but if past history holds true, the TeleRead Web log will be back up in a day or so. People curious about the status of the blog can email me at Email seems to be working fine.

(Appreciative of the fine work that the MobileRead gang is also doing)

#3  davidrothman 04-10-2006, 02:18 PM
I'm pleased to report that the TeleRead blog is back up. Thanks to BobR and everyone else who cared! - David

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