Onyx Boox Note 2 slanted power button?
#1  amhw 04-10-2020, 08:40 AM
I just got my new Boox Note 2 and the device is amazing. However, the hardware seems kind of flimsy. The back button is very shallow and my power button is slanted. There was a thread a while ago on a Boox Note Pro's "power button stuck out at a a slight angle". I was wondering if anyone else here got similar symptoms on their Note 2.

My Note 2's button doesn't exactly "stick out," but the button definitely feels different when I push on the left corner and the right corner. It's almost as if Onyx hid the power switch off to the right (when viewed from the screen side), and the LED (left) side of the button is just a spring with nothing underneath. In fact, the power button only triggers if I press on the right side. On the left side I need to press very hard so the right side is also depressed in order to actuate the button.

I checked the demo Note 2 and Max 3 units at the local Onyx shop and they are all the same as my device, so either it's a very common defect or this is just how Onyx build the buttons. Perhaps I'm nitpicking, but it definitely makes the device quality appear worse than it should be.

I attached a picture of my Note 2's power button. Notice the slight slant to the LED side.

#2  CoryHamma 09-16-2020, 02:56 AM
Seems like the power button is either a bad design or a cheap part. My Onyx Boox Note Pro power button has gone from normal to slanted too, and it doesn't work right every time I push it. Guess it's time to see if they will stand behind their product, or if I'm going to have to crack this thing open and fix it myself.

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