RBdigital formats? help please
#1  stumped 12-14-2019, 03:23 AM
my local library has dropped overdrive and switched to Rb digital- Grrrr.
overdrive was so simple. it used only unprotected mp3 so I knew all the steps for playing a borrowed audiobook in the car via a flash drive
I have a horrible suspicion that those days are done - that the library loans will now be in some DRMed eaudio format that will need special apps and will be unusable in a car that expects to see mp3 on flash drives

I am getting very frustrated trying to google up useful info on rbdigital so if anyone will kindly shortcut the process and tell me what I need to know, that will be great.

our only interest in audiobooks is having them in a car friendly format, and there is no CD player in our car. it can only do bluetooth or USB.
I suppose that if forced to we could have a smartphone app linked via bluetooth to car system IF their DRM does nto block such links and if the apps are not total rubbish. I read lots of BAD reviews of the google play store apps for RBdigital. That would be a last resort thouhg, my wife likes to have the phone running WAZE for directions instead,

#2  stumped 12-14-2019, 11:15 AM
update. not all bad, actually
the library site send me here for audio
without installing anything I picked one at random & got a zip download full of mp3 files, which play ok
i had to sign in but the library card number and pin that worked with overdrive worked here.
strange because the replacement ebook site needs a new, different set of credentials
so it seems I can bypass the whole special apps & eaudio thing and still do a crude copy to ( temp) flash drive, listen, then delete when done
the media manager app for PC is something called onetouchdigital
names are a mess - that's 3 brands overlapping already: RBdigital, onetouchdigital, Borrowbox, and a betcha can't memorise this web address

#3  JSWolf 12-14-2019, 11:17 AM
For eBooks, RBDigital using ADE for ePub.

#4  stumped 12-14-2019, 11:28 AM
it is gradually makin moew sense.
it seems the library, in its wiswom has decided to have 2 completely separate suppliers: RBdigital for ebooks and magazines ,and Borrowbox akaa bolinda digital for audiobooks
2 separate sets of credentials needed. 2 sets of apps.....
& there are still some broken links that send you to the wrong place or get stuck on "loading" [ they changed suppliers in August t so there's no excuse for that really)
but still, I can get an epub and a set of MP3 so the basics are useable.
interestingly, borrowbox say their audio files have "active security technology" for identification, That's a neat trick for mp3, unless they are bluffing? The only mp3 " technology" that I am aware off, is putting codes into tags, which is what amazon do with mp3 they sell. More akin to watermarking than DRming

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