Wireless Download Guides [Feedbooks, RSS, MobileRead, Project Gutenberg]
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Feedbooks, MobileRead, and Free Kindle Books offer a wireless download feature, which allows you to download public domain books and RSS feeds directly to your Kindle, without having to physically sync your Kindle via USB cable to a PC or Mac.

The following posts provide a brief description of this feature, with links to learn more about these resources, and links for downloading the guides onto your Kindle.

This thread is strictly informational, and has been locked. If you have questions about using the download guides, please start a thread in the Kindle Forum. If you have additional information or corrections for this thread, please send a PM (Private Message - click on my my name and then click on the "Send a Private Message" option).

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The Feedbooks Kindle Guide is no longer available for download. Instead, the Feedbooks website recommends:

All free books on Feedbooks are available in a Kindle compatible format (for both Kindle devices and mobile applications), but due to the closed nature of the Kindle ecosystem, none of the files available on our store are compatible with the Kindle.

To download a book in a Kindle compatible format, click on the book's name and then select the "Kindle" download option.

You can also easily browse Feedbooks on your Kindle using our mobile website:

The mobile website provides all the browsing and search options of our normal website, but optimized for the mobile web.

Feedbooks is fully compatible with all Kindle versions and is the only service capable of delivering both books and RSS feeds directly to the Kindle using the wireless connection.

Kindle Help on Feedbooks:

image »
Browsing the Kindle Download Guide

The Kindle Download Guide is the easiest way to download public domain and creative commons books from Feedbooks. It could be described as having an on-demand library on your Kindle.
Links inside a book
You'll notice links to other books at the beginning and the end of each book. You can follow one of these links to automatically download the book on your Kindle.

You can also easily browse Feedbooks on your Kindle using our mobile website:

It is highly recommended to sign in on the mobile version, even if you're using the guide: this way, your downloads will be logged and Feedbooks will create a customized list of recommended books for you.

For further information, visit the Feedbooks website:
or the MobileRead Wiki pages:

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Feedbooks provide an easy way for Kindle users to download and read RSS feeds directly on their Kindle by converting RSS feeds into files for the Kindle.
  1. You can create a file for a single feed:
  2. Or you can create a newspaper with multiple feeds in a single file with a TOC:
  3. First use your computer to go to the Feedbooks news section
  4. Once you've entered the URL of a feed or created a newspaper, download the file to your Kindle (via USB cable, e-mail or SD card).
  5. Once the file is on your Kindle, open it and you'll find an update link on the cover (except for private newspapers) to update the file anytime that you want.
  6. You can now directly update your feeds from your Kindle, through the link on the cover or in the main menu of the file. You no longer need to use your computer to manage your feeds.
  7. You can also subscribe to these feeds/newspapers from the main Feedbooks website and download those subscriptions from the mobile website:
Here's an example -- just add this file to your Kindle to read the feed from MobileRead:

For further information, visit the help page on Feedbooks:

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Inspired by the ingenious Feedbooks Kindle Download Guide, we've decided to launch a similar feature allowing everyone with an Amazon Kindle, iRex iLiad or other Mobipocket-compatible e-book reader with access to the Internet to immediately download books prepared and uploaded by our members. The Mobipocket Download Guide allows you to download e-books directly to your connected e-book device.

Some notes:

For further information, visit the MobileRead Wiki pages:

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Similar to our own MobileRead Download Guide and the Feedbooks Download Guide, Free Kindle Books ( offers The Magic Catalog of Project Gutenberg E-Books (MOBI Edition).
(there is also and ePub version)

This guide resides on your Kindle, and when you open it and click on a book link it automatically downloads the book to your Kindle. If no size is given for a file, you may download it directly to Kindle. If a size is given (X Megs) please download these Free Books first to your computer desktop and then from there to your Kindle -- it will probably not work otherwise! (The large files include illustrations.)

Download the Magic Catalog here ( onto your Kindle, using the same procedure(s) described for the other Guides.

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