Mystery and Crime Pain, Barry: The Memoirs of Constantine Dix. v1. 24 Nov 2022
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Constantine Dix, like A. J. Raffles, has two very separate identities. He is a model English clergyman. Fine, upstanding, of moderate habits and fully committed to helping society’s least fortunate. He is also one of the most talented thieves in England.

“I am a good preacher,” as he puts it, “but I am a very good thief. Theft happens to be the thing I do best. I have studied it, and I am fond of it. It gives me great satisfaction to note the blunders that lead less intelligent criminals to their destruction, and the way in which I avoid those blunders.”

Barry Eric Odell Pain (28 Sep. 1864 – 05 May 1928) was an English journalist, poet, humorist and writer. During his lifetime, he was perhaps best known as a writer of parody and lightly humorous stories, but now is also noted for his tales touched with fantasy, horror, and the supernatural. He also wrote stories of mystery and suspense. His humor has been characterized by some modern critics as “a surreal forerunner to Monty Python.”

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