Humor Pain, Barry: Eliza’s Son (short fiction). v1. 24 Nov 2022
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Eliza is long-suffering and intelligent, her husband is a pompous prig and a self-regarding idiot, in “some of the funniest stories in the English language” …

“A gentle, yet deliciously humourous series of brief anecdotes, that follow the mundane, though surprisingly hazard-strewn lives of our rather pompous main character, and his long-suffering wife, Eliza.”

(— Nigel Boydell at Librivox)

This final collection in the “Eliza” series is narrated by young Ernest Junior, who seems to be very much his father’s son.

Barry Pain’s comedic “Eliza” stories are perhaps his best-known works. The sequence is comprised of the collections Eliza, Eliza’s Husband, Eliza Getting On, Exit Eliza, and Eliza’s Son. These stories are often compared to the Weedon brothers’ Diary of a Nobody (1888-89) [praised by Evelyn Waugh as “the funniest book in the world.”]

Barry Eric Odell Pain (28 Sep. 1864 – 05 May 1928) was an English journalist, poet, humorist and writer. During his lifetime, he was perhaps best known as a writer of parody and lightly humorous stories, but now is also noted for his tales touched with fantasy, horror, and the supernatural. He also wrote stories of mystery and suspense. His humor has been characterized by some modern critics as “a surreal forerunner to Monty Python.”

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