Few questions about PW5
#1  cincila 11-22-2022, 05:28 AM

Right now I am using tolino shine 3 which I would throw away as soon as I got it if it weren't for KOreader so I have few questions about kindle as I had it few years ago and honestly do bot remember much.

1. Can I use all features on sideloaded books as most books I read are from free sites and classical literature that I buy elsewhere as I hate amazons DRM system?

2. is it possible to install KOreader?

3. What are most common issues?

4. are ads too intrusive and are they showing up while I read my book?

Thanks in advance

#2  JSWolf 11-22-2022, 05:43 AM
1. What features do you want to use that you may or may not be able to use?

2. Not any more. You would need a firmware able to be jailbroken in order to jailbreak and install KOReader I believe Amazon has moved on from such a firmware so when you buy a PW5, you get a firmware you cannot jailbreak.

3. You don't have good eBooks management.

4. The ads are not too intrusive and they do not show while you are reading.

#3  robarr 11-23-2022, 09:42 PM
With calibre you can set a book to work almost as an Amazon’ bought one: font thickness control, goodreads integration, sync between devices , collections.

If you don’t go for calibre you can simply treat it like an usb and copy books to it. You will not have all the features but none of the hassle either.

It all depend on the kind of reader you are: if you only want to read you will be ok, if you really want to take your library with you, organized collections and pretty covers and all, it absolutely can be done, but it will take some work.

Good luck!

#4  shamanNS 11-24-2022, 06:47 AM
Quote robarr
With calibre you can set a book to work almost as an Amazon’ bought one: font thickness control, goodreads integration, sync between devices , collections.
Bolded part of this quote isn't correct at all! Syncing between devices (using stock software not KOReader) for books bought outside of Kindle Store requires sending and archiving book in Amazon Cloud storage and that process will change both ASIN value and cdeType from EBOK to PDOC (ASIN change "unlinks" the matching between ASIN and Goodreads ID) while Goodreads integration (as in syncing read progress, sharing highlights) requires that a book uses ASIN value of retail book from Amazon store (which you can retain only if you transfer files via USB, and then you can't have sync between Kindle devices and apps).

So you can't have both features working at the same time for non Kindle Store books.
Manually opening Goodreads "app" / embedded website on your Kindle and then manually searching for books and adding them that way can't really be considered (a working) integration.

And when using KOReader on a Kindle you also don't get to have both Goodreads integration (on the device itself) and progress and notes sync between multiple KOReader instances. What you can have if you include a computer running Calibre into the whole equation is combining Calibre with multiple plugins installed to first pull information from KOReader and then push some of that information to your Goodreads profile.

#5  robarr 11-25-2022, 02:35 AM
I stand corrected. As you say goodreads integration is only basic: want to read, reading and read when you add a book bought on tor for example and push it to a kindle device via calibre, adding the asin data and covers.

On the sync between devices issue I assumed , wrongly as you say, that the changes will propagate in all the devices on which the book is.

Thank you for the correction.

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