KFX: Which cover solution do you prefer?
#1  SuperDerpBro 06-23-2022, 02:08 AM
When converting to KFX which way of getting the cover do you use? And why? Adding amazon:XXXXXXX or just the isbn and reconnecting the kindle after amazon derps the covers?


EDIT: I've been using amazon:XXXXXXX, mobi-asin:XXXXXXX but it sucks when azn pulls down a lame cover heh.

#2  SuperDerpBro 06-23-2022, 11:46 PM
:/ heh

#3  Notjohn 07-03-2022, 02:39 PM
I upload an epub2 to the KDP platform, deleting the included cover in the epub that goes to Draft2Digital. KDP wants the product image (cover) uploaded separately; the two files are then merged by KDP. There is no conversion to KFX on my part. This has worked without a hitch for a bit more than ten years.

Much the same is true of Google Play: the cover and interior are uploaded separately.

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