Mystery and Crime Taft, William Nelson: On Secret Service (1921); v1, 21 Dec 2019
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William Nelson Taft (1889-1932) was a newspaper editor in Philadelphia, who wrote small output of fiction.

The 24 short stories are reputedly based on real cases, but fictionalised.

1: A Flash in the Night
2: The Mint Mystery
3: The Ypiranga Case
4: The Clue on Shelf 45
5: Phyllis Dodge, Smuggler Extraordinary
6: A Matter of Record
7: The Secret Still
8: The Taxicab Tangle
9: A Match for the Government
10: The Girl at the Switchboard
11: "Lost— $100,000!"
12: "The Double Code"
13: The Trail of the White Mice
14: Wah Lee and the Flower of Heaven
15: The Man with Three Wives
16: After Seven Years
17: The Poison-pen Puzzle
18: Thirty Thousand Yards of Silk
19: The Clue in the Classified Column
20: In the Shadow of the Capitol
21: A Million-dollar Quarter
22: "The Looting of the C. T. C."
23: The Case of Mrs. Armitage
24: Five Inches of Death

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